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SDEASstarted as an organization which imparted training and education to youth through its training institute, Central Boiler Maintenance & Research Institute (CBMR), a vertical specializing in providing comprehensive training in the field of Power Plant Technology & High Pressure Boilers and placing them as per industrial needs

Our Offerings

SDEAS Thermal Systems specializes in the supply of total boiler personal for . Outsourcing of the boiler room operation, although a fairly new concept, is catching on, and many boiler owners are freeing themselves of the troublesome and overhead-intensive operation.

Our Speciality

SDEAS is the Expert Boiler Associate for Industries.

Fully complaied with Govt. Statutories.

One stop for your complete Boiler requirements.

Boiler Outsourcing Expert

SDEASprovide certified manpower( A class, B Class operators) for round the clock operation of the Boilers.The manpower provided in the shift is to support the operational requirement of the plant as per the directive and guidance of the supervisors/ operators/ managers of Client Company. They are required to operate the equipment, attend to maintenance needs as shall arise during operation to keep the plant operation trouble free and continuous with proper house-keeping as per the standard norms of Client Company.SDEAS provide adequate experienced and qualified manpower to undertake the job as per the requirement and exigency of work indicated throughout the period of contract.
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