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We create a warm and welcoming service to make sure that the patient experience is the best it can be, while giving your clinical teams the time to focus on patient-centred clinical care.

Our industry leading CARES programme is at the heart of this patient experience with global expertise being drawn upon to deliver a true patient-centred solution.

Healthcare institutions like hospitals should be neat and clean for the betterment of the patients and their attendants as well. For this best and experienced agency for professional Housekeeping services is highly required. But in most of the cases it is seen that the condition of Housekeeping is very poor in Govt. Hospitals.

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Housekeeping in Health Care

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SDEAS House Keeping provides cleaning services designed specifically for healthcare environments, all focused on creating safe environments for both patients and staff. From public visiting areas to patient rooms and operating theaters, Sodexo’s cleaning and disinfecting procedures match the most stringent international standards.

Whether in high-risk clinical situations or in public areas of a hospital, applying the right cleaning methodologies, backed up by rigorous staff training, is critical. Ensuring the correct cleaning protocols are adhered to for different environments within a hospital has a direct impact on both recovery rates and levels of cross infection for patients being cared for.


Housekeeping in Insitute


SDEAS institutnal housekeeping - applies to housekeeping maintenance in commercial lodging establishment like hotels, resorts, inns and apartels.


Domestic Housekeeping


In nations where there is still a ready supply of inexpensive labour, the middle classes may still be able to afford servants. For these households, the remnant of the once grand position of head housekeeper is often a cook-housekeeper. The modern cook-housekeeper performs cooking and cleaning duties.


Commercial Housekeeping


SDEAS has its own Education and Training Divison which is engaged in providing job oriented courses to the youth.


Industrial Housekeeping


We provide end to end outsourcing services to the industries and the corporates.Our strength lies in both Technical and non Technical Manpower Outsourcing.

Need of Housekeeping Associate

Permanent housekeeping staffs does not care for their duty because they best aware that termination of job is not possible for unsatisfactory job.

Entry of non professional company like security agency in housekeeping services in low tender bidding in vice versa and professional groups can't getting chance for low bidding tender.

Tender committee knows that low cost tender is not a solution for result oriented service but ...... AWARDED.

Our Speciality

SDEAS is the Expert Housekeeping Associate for Corporate and Industries.

Fully Mechanized Housekeeping Services with high quality Materials.

One stop for your complete housekeeping requirements.

Need Mechanized & Hygenic House Keeping ???

SDEAS "Leader in Mechanized Housekeeping Services in India". All our housekeeping staff are well qualified and trained to carry out the day to day operations by using the gadgets and equipments provided.SDEAS provides high quality Housekeeping services with complete payroll, so that the corporates need not to waste time in hiring and appointing cleaners and workers for housekeeping requirements.
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