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Fire & Services

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We are having high qualified fire fighters with well automated Fire Extinguisher Equipments. Although fire tender vehicles have been provided by outside (Govt.) fire stations, the time they reach, there is nothing left. It is not expected that fire service will be available instantly because most of the industry is far away from the township and obstacles like Traffic jam, road blockage and communication disruption dilly-dally the immediate service , result to this Fire devastation not only destroy property in Crores but also sweep valuable life.

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SDEAS in Railway Service

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SDEAS Corporate Services (INDIA) Pvt Ltd, a Leader in Railway Maintenance & Service work. We promise to deliver high scale of service to the world biggest Indian Railway.

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SDEAS in Boiler Maintenance

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SDEAS Corporate Services (INDIA) Pvt Ltd, a Leader in Boiler Operation and Maintenance in industrial Area. For this We promise to deliver high scale of service to maintenance and operation of Boiler.

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Mechanized Housekeeping

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SDEAS "Leader in Mechanized Housekeeping Services in India". All our housekeeping staff are well qualified and trained to carry out the day to day operations by using the gadgets and equipments provided. SDEAS provides high quality Housekeeping services with complete payroll, so that the corporates need not to waste time in hiring and appointing cleaners and workers for housekeeping requirements.

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Staffing Solutions

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SDEAS Corporate Services (INDIA) Pvt Ltd, a Leader in Manpower Recruitment Industry provides End-to-End Recruitment Solutions for all segments of Industries.

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Education & Training

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SDEAS has its own Education and Training Divison which is engaged in providing job oriented courses to the youth.

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SDEAS Outsourcing

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We provide end to end outsourcing services to the industries and the corporates.Our strength lies in both Technical and non Technical Manpower Outsourcing.

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Labour Management

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We provide end to end labour management with our unique hands on expriance.

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We help as a corporate Social responsibility . Its a part of our organisation to do something for the betterment of Society.

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